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Misty Lake Cover

A Story Found

The Beginning of a Prophecy

Clarisse, Ebon, and Matt begin their journey across Ryinswel to a forbidden magic school in Misty Lake. The wells of magic draw them through the unfolding of a prophecy, forcing them to realize the calling on their lives. Can the three young people pull the races together long enough to restore their land’s heritage of magic and the freedom to use it?

Carrie L. DeAtley

About Me

Thank you so much for visiting my home on the web. I’m an author, quilter and the proud owner and caretaker of more than too many flower gardens.

Each of the above is a full-time passion, but writing is at the top of the list.  I started playing around with this passion as a child. I wrote a few short stories and poetry mostly about horses, another passion of mine, and life on a dairy farm. School was a torture house for me, so I turned to the love of animals and the land for comfort and make-believe.

God and country played a large role in my life. I spent many wonderful hours in church, Youth for Christ, and enjoying the mountains of Colorado. I think it was my fifteen years spent there that taught me to love the forests, rivers, and wheat fields of this great country we call the United States.

I began my writing journey thirteen years ago. After a day of yard care, I found myself sitting in a patch of sun. I had been thinking about writing again and just finished reading a book by Julia Camron. The Artist Way changed my life in many ways, but the best way was writing. As I sat in the sun, a prophecy poem began to flow into my mind, and I wrote.

I include bits and pieces of that poem throughout Misty Lake and on this page. And from time to time, other poems and short stories I’ve written.

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