Carrie L. DeAtley

By the Three Sisters Trees

Come, gather round, bring your blankets and hot tea, and we shall visit the Three Sisters trees. We can sit under their new green canopy, and I will tell you a tale. 

The clouds frolicked with the big yellow ball in the azure blue sky while the earth rejoiced in the joy of resurrection. 

I found Tavia sitting on a green rock in Melissa’s garden; her sweet, pale green face bore a look of dejection. Around her tiny slipper feet lay piles of pink plum flower petals, and a large poplar leaf lay across her lap. She looked so despondent. I knelt and asked her what was wrong. 

“I can’t get the petals to stay on my cape, and I want to wear it for the sunrise service by the creek.”

At that providential moment, Mort came around the corner of Mel’s garden carrying a pail. “Tavia, Mistress Bard, what’s wrong?” he glanced at all the petals on the ground. Tavia explained her problem with the palest of lavender tears forming in the corners of her eyes. 

“Mort, what is in your bucket?” I asked, peeking into an acorn bucket.

A sweet grin spread across his face, plumping his rounded cheeks. “Why, it’s the answer to Tavia’s problem. Snail milk will easily stick the petals to the leaf. I use it to build pea gravel walls. It is light and clear, and it’s perfect!” 

As I went off to find more petals for my dear, sweet muse, I heard the chimes of their laughter and watched the joy of their magic spread across the gardens at Willow Wood.

Come back on the next sunny day when your time is long and your tea is hot, and we’ll revisit the Three Sisters for an adventure in the gardens of Willow Wood.

Melissa's Garden

The path to Melissa’s garden. You have my heart.

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